Reviews of doctors about viagra

Sexologists believe Viagra most effective way to improve erectile dysfunctio. I have always offered and give patients Viagra effective and time-tested drug. Buy Viagra pill may be available in the pharmacy or in online store. I always recommend the use of prescription medication. Many foreign specialists in urology also give preference to these medicines.

Price on Viagra available at the pharmacy wealthy citizens.

I want to note that over time more and more young men suffer from erectile dysfunction. If before, 10-15 years ago, I treated only patients of advanced age, those who are men, abiding in the stage of "midlife crisis", now come to the urologist 30-32 year old patients. Everyone has their own problems with psychological or urological in nature.

Physical examination of the genital organs of men assessing their sensitivity. Additional blood and urine tests, determination of the level of testosterone in the blood, assessment of blood vessels and tissues of the penis, leads to certain conclusions. If a man is diagnosed with disease of the urological sphere, he prescribe the appropriate treatment or surgery.

Viagra reviews about the drug

The drug Vectra-100 works perfectly,has never failed!THANK you MR JOY"Will continue to polzovatsa Your drugs!!!!! Alex-S , Olabama

Despite the fact that I have problems with erection not drink viagra before sex in order to feel the special power.Viagra forever)) Paul , Madrid

There are many cases where the treatment of urological problems restored erectile dysfunctio. If problems with sexual weakness are not dependent on urology I prescribed them Viagra. The best drug that has a warranty and performance is original Viagra Pfizer. No worse than her counterparts of Viagra based on sildenafil citrate.

All generic versions of Viagra is similar in chemical composition to the original and have the same medical effect. The only difference is a smaller market value. Many people, especially the young guys, I offer generics of Viagra not like the pills. Include such liquid Viagra.

Often, pills are considered drug use, but the acceptance of Viagra gel in disposable bags can be considered as simple additive. Especially because in the box there are gels, lemon, pineapple, orange, cherry, mango, mint and strawberry. This drug is rapidly absorbed into the blood, showing excellent results in sexual power after a few minutes and runs for about 5-6 hours.

Doctor seksopatolog Robin Mayewski, London

I have come to the opinion that many of the problems men are not associated with the diseases and are only psychological. So I suggest rest, moderate exercise and the use of the drug Viagra or its analogues.

Men older than 65 years of age, I recommend to take at a time, not more than half a bag of the drug Viagra gel, so that the body could excrete medicines freely. Other categories of men I attribute gel Viagra dose of not more than 100 ppm, i.e., not more than one sachet per day. Optionally, attribute generic Viagra soft, has excellent properties for restoring erection.

To buy Viagra soft is only possible in the online pharmacies. According to the beliefs of physicians, there are other effective drugs that restore erection. This drug is Levitra, the cost of which is below the Viagra. If I see that patients get squeezed, then assign them to Levitra with efficacy not worse than Viagra because of the active component sildenafil citrate. Levitra cost from the original Viagra but offers the same effects as the original Viagra.